16th NTRCA MCQ Result 2019

16th NTRCA MCQ Result

It is an autonomous certification authority under the Ministry of education established by the Bangladesh government to provide the certificates to the upcoming teachers who are willing to get joined in non-government schools and colleges. The abbreviation NTRCA refers to Non-government Teachers’ Registration and Certification and it was established in 2005 to make registration and certification for eligible candidates to recruit them into 33,000 non-government schools and colleges all over the country. In this continuation, the 16th NRTCA exam held in August 2019 and the 16th NTRCA MCQ result will be published on 29/30 September 2019.  This NTRCA examination is the latest exam taken by NTRCA authority.

Its head office is situated at Ramna in Dhaka from where it operates its activities all over Bangladesh to ensure efficient teacher recruitment for non-government schools and colleges. It is driven by an independent board of director’s panel in which the board chairman is the chief person. The members of this board are appointed by the government. The present chairman of NTRCA is S.M. AshfaqueHossain.

আপনার কাঙ্ক্ষিত ফলাফল টি নিচের দিকে দেখুন

In order the increase the excellence of Bangladesh’s education system the government has taken lots of initiatives. Introducing the NTRCA examination is the one among them. In this process, the government wants to make a pool of efficient and knowledgeable teachers. Every year we see that registration examinations are taken by NTRCA in a crystalline way through which it establishes a pool of promising and talented candidates for the schools and colleges.

It is no wonder to have a good educational system in a country the background, skill, and enthusiasm of teachers is very important attributes that are mandatory to have within them. After the passing of the registration process, they provided proper training to get more skills in their teaching profession. Because it’s an obvious fact, the well-trained teachers have a sense of value, morality, and responsibility to make a better nation. By the establishment of NTRCA, hope has been increased among the people having the thought of getting better teachers in the education sector. The government is very initiative in this matter to ensure effective education for the students.

What are the responsibilities of NTRCA authority?

The NTRCA authority carries some specific responsibilities to achieve its goal. These are mentioned below-

  • Measuring the demand for teacher’s quantity in the schools and colleges.
  • Establishing the benchmark of eligibility for the teacher’s recruitment of the candidates.
  • Establishing the benchmark of the quality of the teachers nationally.
  • Evaluating, sorting and registering the eligible candidates by taking the examination to recruit them into non-government schools and colleges.
  • Advising the government to provide training to increase the efficiency of the teachers.
  • Managing and conducting training for the teachers who are recruited before the establishment of NTRCA and in this, they can come to the same level of quality of present recruited teachers.
  • Completing the necessary tasks to fulfill the above goal and activities.
  • Carrying the statutory responsibilities accordingly.
  • Carrying all other responsibilities given by the government.

How does the NTRCA exam proceed?

To justify the quality of the candidates NTRCA conducts an evaluation exam for the upcoming teachers. This exam goes through in 3 steps. In the first steps, candidates have to apply through http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd website by filling up the form and sit for the 1 hour preliminary MCQ exam. After passing the first step, the candidates have to submit the applicant’s copies and educational certificates to NTRCA authority. The authority examines the submitted documents and then candidates sit for the written examination. In the third step, the candidates who pass the written examination have to face viva conducted by the authority and after completing all the three steps they get registration and certification.

When will the 16th NTRCA MCQ result be published?

16th NTRCA Exam Result

Are you looking for the 16th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ result 2019? According to the official announcement of NTRCA authority, the 16th NTRC result 2019 will be published on 30 September 2019. The candidates can get the 16th NTRCA result PDF on our website very soon when the result will be published. The announcement also has cleared that 16th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ exam result 2019 will be provided with the help of Teletalk in their official ntrca.teletalk.com.bd websites. We also will provide the result at the same time from Teletalk. Before the result we recommend you to note our website to get the result quickly. Normally NTRCA Preliminary MCQ result comes to the light within one month of examination.

We already know that the 16th NTRCA result for the school level and the 16th NTRCA result for the college level will be published at this time. The exams have been held in August of this year. On the other hand, NTRCA authority will send SMS to the candidates who will pass in the preliminary examination. In the 16th NTRCA preliminary examination 2019 total of 12 lakhs, candidates have participated in getting registration in the school and college level. The matter to be considered is that when the result will publish, the official website will get heavy traffic.

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So, it may become very difficult for the candidates to get results on the moment of publishment of the result. But we can assure you that through our website you will be able to get 16th NTRCA MCQ result 2019 PDF on our website. So keep visiting our website frequently when the result comes out. You must remember ntrca.teletalk.com.bd is the official website of NTRCA which is known as Non-government Teachers’ Registration and Certification Authority.

In this website, the 16th NTRCA preliminary MCQ exam result will be published. As a candidate, you can collect your results from this website. So, we can confirm that in this running month most probably on 30 September 2019 there is a plan to publish the 16th NTRCA MCQ result 2019 by Non-government Teachers’ Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA). When it is asked to an official of NTRCA, he has said that the result of the 16th NTRCA MCQ examination is almost ready and it will be published this month. He also added that the officers of NTRCA are working on this matter relentlessly. He further said that very soon the permission from topmost level will be requested to publish the MCQ result. If it becomes not possible to do accordingly, then the 16th NTRCA MCQ result will be published in the first week of October. On 30 August 2019, the preliminary examination of NTRCA was held all over the country in 777 venues.

What are the ways to get the 16th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ result 2019?

To get the result candidates should go through the following instructions. These are given below-

  1. At first visit http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/result/
  2. Then candidates have to Type “Roll Number” in the first box
  3. After typing Select Exam “16th NTRCA Preliminary Exam”
  4. Click on the “Submit” button or hit ‘Enter” button from keyboard
  5. Then the successful candidate’s result will be shown on that particular page.

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16th NTRCA MCQ Result

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Candidates may have their results through our website. Because we will publish the 16th NTRCAPreliminary MCQ result 2019 PDF in our website. So keep visiting our website when it is the result day. NTRCA confirms that they will send SMS to the successful candidates who will get a pass in the preliminary examination. The matter of happiness for NTRCA examination candidates is that we will publish the result based on Teletalk with a full mark-sheet. Because we know on that particular day the official website of Teletalk which address is ntrca.teletalk.com.bd will have huge traffic. So, when we will upload the PDF file of the NTRCA MCQ result candidates can get their results at once.

School & College level 16th NTRCA MCQ result 2019

It is our pleasure to inform you that the result is ready. From here you can get the 16th NTRCA result PDF by clicking here. Your most waited NTRCA result is available on our website. We know it is troublesome for you to get the result from the NTRCA official website. But there is no matter of worry. We are here for you. The 16th NTRCA result for School level and the 16th NTRCA result for college-level have been uploaded here for you to download the 16th NTRCA result 2019.

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So, congratulation to you and best of luck for the NTRCA preliminary exam result in 2019. As we know NTRCA is working to establish a better education system by providing efficient teachers to Non-government schools and colleges. In this continuation, Non-government Teachers’ Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has published the 16th NTRCA MCQ result in 2019. From here the candidates who have passed in the NTRCA exam will follow some other procedure to get registered for NTRCA.

Hope all the candidates will have the eligibility to get successful and contribute to our education system to build a great nation. It is the goal of the government to make the education system a better one for our future generation. NTRCA authority operates this to get the best candidates to recruit for the Non-government schools and colleges. We hope the 16th NTRCA MCQ result will bring those efficient candidates into the light who will serve the nation with their talent and skill for the upcoming years.

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